Rosa Antonio Valley
Olive Oil
Olive Oil
The Italian tradition of growing olives and producing olive oil has been passed down through the Pugliese family for generations. Producing quality extra virgin olive oil for his family and friends has become a passion for Giovanni. 500 Olive trees grow beside his vineyard in Canyonleigh producing both table olives and extra virgin olive oil.

Like the vines, the olives also enjoy Canyonleigh's long hot summers with cool nights and low humidity, intensifying their characteristics through to a late autumn harvest. The end product is an oil that is rich in colour and robust on the palate.

The olive grove is carefully pruned each year to provide low yields of quality fruit that is hand harvested and immediately cold pressed. The oil is then gently filtered to ensure it retains its fresh characteristics.

This premium extra virgin olive oil is delightful for dipping and pouring and a perfect ingredient for marinades and dressings. Use and enjoy Rosa Antonio Valley Extra Virgin Olive Oil in generous quantities.

Store in a cool dark place to retain this oil as a premium product.

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